News of Sakuran ~足の健康のための新感覚の履物【手作り布ぞうり】"Sakuran Zori are Japanese cloth sandals, all handmade"さくらん

Event Information

2014 Autumn/Winter Sakuran Exhibition with Hawaiian Ribbon Lei, Quilt, and Tea box

Thank you for coming to the Exhibition.
We highly appreciate your warmth support.

At Ehrisman House in Yokohama area (Ehrisman House)


New cute small zori decorations are available.
Please contact us for purchasing these zori decorations or for more information.

Recently, we had a great sucsess selling our Nuno-Zori at Tokyo American Club.
Thank you for all who took their time to come.

Would you like to try to make your own original Nuno-Zori?
Full Day: Thursday 10:30am-3:30pm
Fee: 5,000yen (including material fee)
Location: Yokohama

We also offer classes where were teach at a location of your choice.
The lesson will be approximately 5 hours, preferably with a minimun 4 people.
Fee: 6,000yen per person (including material fee)

*There are some locations in which we cannot offer lessons.

Do not hesitate to contact us.