News of Sakuran ~足の健康のための新感覚の履物【手作り布ぞうり】"Sakuran Zori are Japanese cloth sandals, all handmade"さくらん

Event Information

2014 Autumn/Winter Sakuran Exhibition with Hawaiian Ribbon Lei, Quilt, and Tea box

November 27 (Thur) to December 2 (Tues)
At Ehrisman House in Yokohama area (Ehrisman House)


New cute small zori decorations are available.
Please contact us for purchasing these zori decorations or for more information.

Recently, we had a great sucsess selling our Nuno-Zori at Tokyo American Club.
Thank you for all who took their time to come.

Would you like to try to make your own original Nuno-Zori?
Full Day: Thursday 10:30am-3:30pm
Fee: 5,000yen (including material fee)
Location: Yokohama

We also offer classes where were teach at a location of your choice.
The lesson will be approximately 5 hours, preferably with a minimun 4 people.
Fee: 6,000yen per person (including material fee)

*There are some locations in which we cannot offer lessons.

Do not hesitate to contact us.